Cold Therapy Has Many Health Benefits

Dec 05, 2017 | admin

  Cold Therapy Has Many Health Benefits Photo: Harri Tarvainen / Sauna from Finland Better Sleep, Resistance And Refreshed Feeling Cold exposure results in many health benefits. Cold showers and ice swimming affect mood, improve stress tolerance and relieve pain. Especially those suffering from chronic pains benefit from regular cold

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The principles of Chromotherapy and its use in Saunas and Steam Rooms

Nov 22, 2017 | admin

  Light is responsible for turning on the brain and the body. Light enters the body through the eyes and skin. When even a single photon of light enters the eye, it lights up the entire brain. This light triggers the hypothalamus, which regulates all life-sustaining bodily functions including the production

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What is a Hammam ?

Aug 02, 2017 | admin

I am sometimes told by customers that they want to purchase a “Hammam”, but very often their expectations and indeed their very idea of what a Hammam actually is, is uncertain. I thought that being the “expert” I would write a few words to describe what a Hammam is, but

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Keeping your sauna clean…

Jul 11, 2017 | admin

I have been asked recently “What is the best way to keep my sauna clean, and to remove stains left by body oils and perspiration” ? The best way is to start early, to establish a routine for cleaning the sauna from new, on a daily and weekly basis. The

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Saunas and steam rooms as therapy.

May 22, 2017 | admin

mr sauna Ltd has noticed a growing trend for thermal experiences. It seems that users are no longer satisfied simply with a “relaxing” experience, they are now more knowledgable and demand specific benefits. Saunas: Saunas with salt walls and added salt infusion for Halo (salt) therapy, infrared panels and  Chromotherapy

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Runners – 3 Reasons the Sauna May Be Your Secret Weapon to Improved Performance

Apr 13, 2017 | admin

Runners – 3 Reasons the Sauna May Be Your Secret Weapon to Improved Performance Most runners are familiar with Abebe Bikila, the great marathon champion from Ethiopia most famous for winning the 1960 Rome Olympic Marathon running barefoot. While Bikila’s barefoot victory makes most people hearken back to visions of

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Himalayan Salt Saunas

Himalayan Salt Saunas

Mar 27, 2017 | admin

Question…what are the benefits of the salt walls I see in saunas, are they just for show ? The salt walls that you see in so many saunas now are made from salt blocks imported direct from the Himalayas. Workers in the salt mines hardly ever suffered from bronchial diseases

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Sauna sayings from Finland

Sauna sayings from Finland…

Mar 22, 2017 | admin

Sauna sayings from Finland …. Below are some popular sauna sayings from Finland. In the sauna you must conduct yourself as you would in church The sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy If a sick person is not cured by spirits [alcohol] or sauna, then they will die A woman looks

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Mar 10, 2017 | admin

Saunas REALLY are packed with health benefits….read on. Heather Wright, 43, is a yoga teacher and Thai masseuse. She is married to Oli, 47, a corporate finance adviser. They live in Granborough, Bucks, with son Sam, ten, and daughter Alice, eight. She says: I’ve loved saunas ever since I first

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Whats the acorn all about ???

Mar 01, 2017 | admin

Several people have asked the question, whats the acorn all about on the mr sauna logo ? Simple answer, acorns grow on trees, saunas are made from wood grown from trees, and……we just like the shape of acorns !

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