Case Study – A Sauna Installation From Start to Completion

Oct 17, 2019 | admin

When we at mr sauna Ltd are asked to provide a sauna be it for residential or commercial use, there is a process that we go through

The site may be a new build, or as in this case study, an extension/refurbishment to an existing property.

We were initially contacted by the building contractor on a recommendation from an architect we had known previously, and asked to provide a price for a sauna based upon a drawing they provided.

We offered our price and a preliminary drawing, and were subsequently appointed as supplier of the new sauna.

At this stage, we made arrangements to attend site to take a look around (sometimes the drawings don’t always tell the whole story !), but in this case, the site visit did not reveal anything unexpected.

You will see that the space for the sauna had already been created on poolside, and we were able to take site dimensions.

A new drawing was produced based upon the site information received and supplied to our customer for approval.

This new drawing also contained information regarding what services we would require to complete our installation, such as power supply and floor drain etc.

As the house is in an elevated position and the views from the pool hall are amazing, the client wanted to maximise the view from the sauna, so we are installing a fully glazed front to the sauna which will provide a view over the swimming pool and beyond to the countryside.

Prior to manufacture, we attended site once more to double check dimensions and to see how things were progressing, and to conform with the builder when we would be required to install.

You will see from this picture that things are moving on, and we are now around three to four weeks from installation.

Completion !

We are delighted to say that the installation is now complete and it looks amazing.

The glass front allows for views from the sauna over the swimming pool and to the garden and countryside beyond.

The heater has internal controls to allow the user to adjust the temperature from within the sauna.

The bench seats have backrests and infill panels as standard.

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