Cold Therapy Has Many Health Benefits

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Cold Therapy Has Many Health Benefits

Photo: Harri Tarvainen / Sauna from Finland

Better Sleep, Resistance And Refreshed Feeling

Cold exposure results in many health benefits. Cold showers and ice swimming affect mood, improve stress tolerance and relieve pain. Especially those suffering from chronic pains benefit from regular cold exposure and many have had help for insomnia. Research results confirm these health benefits.


Ice swimming is a traditional way of improving the body’s defence system. Many Finns are convinced that swimming in icy water can conquer seasonal flu through regular cold exposure. Research results support this idea, although it is impossible to draw conclusions based on these experiences. However, it is true: cold exposure does improve resistance.

Cold bucket shower

Hormones Released In Cold Exposure Are Good For The Body

Human sympathetic nervous system is activated in the cold and nerve endings release noradrenaline, that has been noticed to have a pain-relieving effect. Cold also affects the brain’s neurotransmitters that have an effect on the mood. The endorphins released from the brain in the cold relieves pain and improves mood. Repeated cold exposure also increases resistance to cold, improves stress tolerance and increases the pain threshold.

Cold exposure should be implemented gradually, each individual at his own pace. On the first try, cold exposure, like a dip in freezing water, can cause an unpleasant reaction where breathing is uneven and heart rate escalates. However, when the cold exposure is repeated, the shock reaction will deteriorate or disappear altogether.


– The cold exposure is always about getting used to the cold and it may be very individual. Only regular cold treatments have tested health effects, although even one swim in icy water is already a very refreshing experience, says docent Pirkko Huttunen, who has studied cold exposure.

First To The Sauna, Then To The Icy Water

The Finnish sauna culture includes cooling off in between going into the sauna. Also, many who go ice swimming like to head to the heat of a sauna afterwards. Does cold exposure and sauna bathing together have proven effects on health?
– That has not been studied yet, but it’s a very enjoyable habit anyway. Everyone can judge for themselves if the combination of cold and hot is the best for them. Pirkko Huttunen.


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