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Sauna for home or commercial use ? Lets get right back to basics… what is a sauna ?

A traditional sauna is basically a wooden room manufactured from a variety of timbers such as Pine, Cedar, Aspen or Alder.

Usually with multi level bench seating. Saunas are heated by a sauna stove or heater which produces a dry heat with very low humidity.

Saunas are usually heated to around 85 degrees centigrade with a low humidity of around 12%, but of course you can decide on what temperature suits you best.

Customising your sauna by adding glazed panels to let in extra light or to maximize a view over your garden or swimming pool is of course possible, and you may also wish to add specialist lighting to boost your energy levels.

Saunas can now include extra features such as Himalayan Salt Block walls, or Herb Saunas with glazed illuminated panels, Chromotherapy saunas to enable you to enjoy the uplifting or calming effects of light therapy.

Don’t want to wait for your sauna or steam room to heat up before you get home ? We can supply you with a control system that will allow you to turn everything on from an App on your phone !