Infrared saunas coming to a town or city near you !

The Telegraph newspaper reports:

A recent article in the Telegraph newspaper on Saturday sang the praises of Infrared saunas for their virtual “cure all” capabilities.

Infrared technology has been used in saunas for a number of years, but it is only more recently that the benefits have been truly understood and are now becoming more widely accepted and valued.

In fact, it is probably wrong of us to think of Infrared in the same context as “Sauna” as the way in which it heats the body is completely different.

A conventional sauna will warm the air in the room, which in turn makes us feel hot, Infrared actually penetrates our skin, warming our blood which is then pumped around the body, aiding joints and muscles, removing toxins from the skin, boosting the immune system and even inducing weight loss.

Using an Infrared sauna causes the bodies core temperature to raised by around one degree, which does not sound a lot, but that is the same as when we exercise.

Infrared helps to produce a healthy skin, is good for the heart and benefits weight loss…..whats NOT to like !

Infrared sauna bathing causes the user to perspire profusely (hence the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the skin), and you should makes sure that fluid loss is replaced to prevent dehydration.

It seems that Infrared saunas will become the next “big thing” in the high street, so keep your eyes open for a new range of specialist “Infrared” only sauna facilities opening near you.

Infrared Saunas benefits many functions, including muscle and joint pain relief, removal of toxins and heavy metals from the body, assist with weight loss, and improve the immune system.