mr sauna Ltd to plant trees….

As the prime purpose of mr sauna Ltd is the sale of Saunas (and Steam Rooms), and the chief component of saunas comes from trees, we thought what better way to get involved in securing the long term future of our primary source of raw material, help the planet and generally make ourselves and our customers feel good !

For each sauna sold by mr sauna Ltd we will plant ten trees on behalf of each customer and issue them with a certificate to prove it.

We have chosen the  Croton Megalocarpus as it is a multipurpose tree . The wood is of medium weight, hard and strong; it is used for timber and building and it’s also used for fuel and to make charcoal . The seed contains up to 32% oils, which have been used as medicine. It provides shade and shelter in plantations and gardens, where it also yields good mulch material. The tree is not grazed by livestock; so it’s often planted in hedges, live fences and windbreaks.

The trees will be planted by the Mount Kenya Trust, and during each trees lifetime of around 50 years it will help offset 280Kg of CO2.