New concept in Infrared treatment for Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa

One of the North West’s leading and most established hotels, Thornton Hall & Spa has chosen to add an entirely new concept of Infrared therapy to its already successful Leisure Club & Spa.

Having identified the burgeoning trend for Infrared treatments, Spa Manager Roy Burkey contacted mr sauna Ltd.

Following a site visit to explore possible options, it was decided that the very best location for the new Infrared “Therapy” wall, was an under utilised relaxation area.

The new concept in Infrared treatments will provide the option for up to five people enjoy the benefits of Infrared treatment at the push of a button, and in a relaxed and open atmosphere as opposed to the “usual” sauna like cabin.

The club has members and day guests across a wide spectrum of ages, and as Infrared technology offers benefits to all ages from the younger gym goers seeking post exercise muscle recovery to the more mature members looking for relief from joint pain, Infrared will work for all.

There are many other benefits to Infrared, including detox and weight loss.

Gerard McCarthy of mr sauna Ltd says:

I have known Roy for many years and have had the pleasure of doing business with this very popular hotel and spa, Roy is always seeking to improve the offer to members.

Having identified that Infrared provides so many benefits across all ages. This new Infared Therapy Wall will to my knowledge be a first, and will enhance the property’s already extensive facilities”.