The trend for home sauna and steam rooms…

Saunas and Steam Rooms in the home…….

If the “Lock Down” of the Corona Virus has shown us anything, its that spending so much time at home has not been quite as bad as we perhaps thought, and in fact we may even have enjoyed spending time with our family, doing things that we have been putting off for ages and just generally making the most of the period of “enforced relaxation”.

In fact, some people seem to have decided that once this is all over, a change of lifestyle is in order, maybe working from home completely if the job allows, or splitting time between home and office.

Spending more time at home for work is one thing, but leisure and relaxation have also been key to keeping our sanity (and physical and mental Wellbeing).

With no access to the gym or spa, we at mrsauna Ltd have seen a massive rise in enquiries for home saunas and steam rooms.

In the UK, we have lagged a little behind our Continental neighbours, as for many years we have regarded home saunas as a bit of a luxury, solely for the “rich and famous”, but in Germany, nearly one in three homes has a sauna.

Ruth Bell, Deputy Editor of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms says:

 “There has been a general trend over the last few years for creating a spa like feel in the home, and the desire for relaxation and to get away from the outside world fits in with the need to create a haven in the home. In particular, a sauna/steam room is a place where you can just be on your own and really get away from it all”

 She also commented:

 “With a one off outlay rather than an annual membership fee, it can make financial sense too”.

 A number of options are available for those seeking a home sauna, the traditional “Finnish” sauna with a conventional sauna heater, allowing for the traditional sprinkling of water onto the hot rocks (known as Loyly by the Finns), an Infrared option which offers almost instantaneous heat and many medical benefits, or a combination of the two.

Combi Sauna with conventional Finnish heater AND Infared option.

To get the maximum benefit from sauna or steam bathing, many believe that being naked is the only way, as to cover the body with swimwear reduces the beneficial perspiration the sauna induces, and whilst being naked in the sauna is common practice in Germany and Austria (in fact you would be reprimanded if you tried to enter a sauna WITH swimwear on), we Brits are a little less willing to let it all hang out in public, but this is not a problem in the home.

You may think that you don’t have the space, or perhaps that the running costs are prohibitive, but as we manufacture bespoke saunas and steam rooms you would be surprised at the spaces we have installed into.

As far as running costs go, a “typical” sauna with a 6kw heater would certainly cost less than a pound an hour to operate.