About us

You have decided to improve your lifestyle and health by purchasing a sauna or steam room and at mr sauna we applaud you.

You have also made a great choice in considering mr sauna for your purchase as founder Gerard McCarthy has over thirty five years experience in supplying saunas and steam rooms.

For home use, hotels, spa’s, leisure clubs and more, mr sauna supplies bespoke saunas and steam rooms

Gerard has supplied celebrities (we’re sworn to secrecy so don’t ask !) and even Royal Households, but mostly just people who want to enjoy the many health benefits provided by spending time in a sauna or a steam room.

It’s important to get it right, and will happily come out to visit you in your home, spa, hotel or leisure club.

We listen to your requirements, offer advice and then provide a competitive quotation with a drawing showing exactly what your new sauna or steam room will look like when installed.

Have a builder or architect? then we will work with them to make sure all goes smoothly, or if you are looking after the project yourself, we will advise on all aspects of the installation.

At mr sauna we offer the latest choice of timber, from traditional Pine, Spruce, and the more exotic Cedar, Aspen, Arctic Kelo and Thermo Treated Aspen.

We also offer many choices of heaters including Infrared, and with an App on your phone you can switch your sauna or steam room on before you get home !