Sauna “Do’s and Dont’s”

Nov 25, 2016 | admin


We want you to enjoy your sauna bathing, so here are some useful tips to remember before you start your sauna session.

1) Take a shower BEFORE you enter, as moist skin perspires easier and will help you to sweat away toxins.

2) Breathe through your mouth when entering the sauna, as the dry heat may irritate the sensitive membrane in the nose.

3) Take a towel in with you to sit on, this is hygienic and will help keep the benches in good condition for longer.

4) Start off on the lower benches and only go to the upper tier when you feel comfortable, don’t stay in the sauna for longer that feels comfortable.

5) Drink lots of fluids (not alcohol) and take a cooling shower when you have completed your session, relax for a few minutes until your body cools down.

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