Saunas and steam rooms as therapy.

May 22, 2017 | admin

mr sauna Ltd has noticed a growing trend for thermal experiences.

It seems that users are no longer satisfied simply with a “relaxing” experience, they are now more knowledgable and demand specific benefits.


Saunas with salt walls and added salt infusion for Halo (salt) therapy, infrared panels and  Chromotherapy lighting.

Steam Rooms again with salt infusion and Chromotherapy.

Salt (Halo) therapy can be introduced into the sauna simply by adding a salt solution into the sauna atmosphere, or more visually by including a Himalayan salt block wall.

Infrared is also now becoming more recognised for its almost miraculous health giving benefits, and some people are adding infrared to their offering, either as “stand alone” infrared units, or including infrared panels into a conventional Finnish sauna, or Combi Sauna.

Chromotherapy is also now becoming more accepted for the energising, or calming benefits that coloured light can have on the brain.

Himalayan Salt Saunas

Salt (Halo) sauna as therapy

Sauna sayings from Finland

Infrared sauna

Steam Rooms:

Steam Rooms are also capable of delivering salt (Halo) tharapy, as salt solution can be infused into the room, aiding bronchial conditions and skin complaints such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Mood lighting in Blue

Mood lighting in Green

Mood lighting in Violet

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