Service anyone ?

Feb 12, 2018 | admin

You don’t think twice about having your car serviced (even though none of us like having to pay out for it !) so why would you NOT think about having your sauna or steam room serviced ?

You (or your staff) come in every morning and switch them on, then switch them off again at the end of a long day of constant use, and barely give a second thought to what could possibly be about to go wrong.

Like all things mechanical (and electrical), you only usually know about problems when something stops working, which is frustrating when you are at home, but even worse when its in a health club, hotel or spa.

You may also have noticed that problems normally present themselves on Friday afternoon, just before a major event or a busy Bank Holiday, and when its too late to do anything about.

Patience and tolerance are not two of the most common traits of today’s  public, so if you have an issue with equipment being out of order, your members, hotel guests and spa visitors will very quickly let you know.

Of course you can (and should) do your own daily and weekly checks on the things that you can see within the sauna and steam room, such as light fittings and benches, bench supports, missing tiles etc, but what about the things you cant see, or are not qualified to look at, like sauna elements or steam bottles ?

There are some precautions you can take yourself to prevent problems and to keep things running smoothly, such as having a spare steam bottle (if yours is an electrode boiler type steam generator) and rotating the bottles on a weekly basis.

Regular de-scaling of the “kettle” type steam generators, and not allowing members and sauna users to pour too much water on the sauna heater (by installing an automatic essence injection system) which will put undue strain on the sauna elements.

Of course not all electrical components can be checked visually, but most can be tested electrically, and potential faults identified before problems occur.

Service contracts and Planned Maintenance are well worth considering, as this will give you peace of mind ( at a cost admittedly) but often not as much as you think, and will also help you to build up a better relationship with your service provider for when things DO go wrong.

Planned Maintenance on a sauna and steam room will cost you around £720.00 per annum (£60 a month, or less than £2 a day !), which will provide you with a comprehensive check up and peace of mind, and the service will take the form of two visits a year, one every six months or there abouts.







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