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Saunas REALLY are packed with health benefits….read on.

Heather Wright, 43, is a yoga teacher and Thai masseuse. She is married to Oli, 47, a corporate finance adviser. They live in Granborough, Bucks, with son Sam, ten, and daughter Alice, eight. She says:

I’ve loved saunas ever since I first visited Finland in my 20s. They make you feel amazing and I love the peace and quiet. It’s as if you’re in your own little cocoon and I enjoy the challenge of staying in for as long as possible!

We got our own sauna just before Christmas and although it cost nearly £10,000, I’ve used it almost every day. It’s electric, takes half-an-hour to heat up and has room for eight people.

I love it and use it in the morning or most often in the evening, depending on my schedule.

I work from home and it can be quite busy at times, but I go into the sauna for half-an-hour with a few drops of lavender or tea-tree oil and come out feeling relaxed. We got it initially to help with my Raynaud’s phenomenon — a painful condition that affects the circulation and even on hot days, if there’s a cool breeze, my hands and toes can go white and I lose sensation in them.

The sauna has really helped but I’ve noticed other health benefits too. I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearer and I look less tired — a neighbour asked Oli if I was 35 the other day! Now we’re having an ante-room built so we won’t have to step outside the house in the cold to get to the sauna. We’re putting in benches and we’ll have hooks for our robes.

Even our children love it and it’s a great place to sit together as a family and chat. Our children are still quite young so only stay in there for 15-20 minutes at a time, but we’ve heard that in Finland people take their babies into saunas for a few minutes to get them used to the heat.

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