Smelly sauna ????

Jan 30, 2017 | admin


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Your home sauna or commercial sauna will smell of fresh cut timber when its first installed, maybe Pine or Cedar.

Sadly this fresh smell wont last forever, and unless you take some steps to prevent it, could soon be smelling of stale perspiration and smelly feet, quite a turn off !

There are several things you can do to prevent this, most of them being common sense such as washing the bench seats on a regular basis with soapy water.

Don’t use disinfectant, as this may cause an allergic reaction and may even cause respiratory problems as the disinfectant is vaporised by the heat.

Leaving the sauna door open at the end of the sauna session to allow fresh air in, making sure any vents are not blocked.

Make sure that no one has left anything unwanted under the benches such as orange peel or even an old newspaper is a good tip.

For your commercial sauna, you should develop a daily schedule for cleaning which will involve a visual  inspection underneath the benches (especially if the  heater is hidden behind a screen wall).

Remove any debris and sweep the floor before giving it a good mop. Don’t use too much water on the walls and benches as this may rot the timber over time.

Adding a specialist essence to your  water bucket, or if you have an automatic essence dispenser, to the day tank will keep your sauna smelling fresh, and may even aid breathing if you choose an essence such as Menthol or Eucalyptus.

Make sure that the essence you choose is designed for saunas however, as some oil based essence may actually be a fire hazard.





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