Adding a home sauna or steamroom ?

Feb 03, 2017 | admin

Adding a home sauna or steam room ? here are a few things to think about that may help you decide what you want.


Do I have the  space ?

Will it cost a lot to run ?

What do I enjoy the most, the dry heat of sauna or the softer, more humid heat of steam rooms ?

How many people do I want to accommodate ?

What do I want to add to the experience to enjoy my sauna/steam experience even more, music, coloured lighting, a glazed front, Infrared panels ?

Will it take long to install and what do I need for the installation ?

Let’s look at some answers to those questions….

At mr sauna we can make your home sauna or steam to any shape or size, so there is no room too large or small !

Saunas and steam rooms are thermostatically controlled, so they only consume power when heating, which will typically be around 60% of the time.

A typical home sauna or steam room with a 6kw heater, will cost around 43p per hour to run (based upon electricity at 12 pence per k/w hour).

Dry heat of sauna, or more humid steam ? Its really up to you, we cant answer that one for you, but why not have both !

If you want to calculate how many people will fit into your sauna or steam room, a simple “rule of thumb” is to allow around 500 mm of space for each person (seated).

So in theory, a bench seat two metres long would accommodate four people, but in reality, we all like to spread out a little.

As all our home saunas and steam rooms are made to measure just for you, we can build in any extras you may require such as fully glazed panels, specialist sound systems so you can enjoy your favorite sounds, Chromotherapy colour lighting to help you de-stress at the end of a busy day or week, Infrared panels to provide relief to joint or muscle pain, remove toxins etc.

Your home sauna will normally take around a day to install, as its manufactured in the factory, assembled and tested for quality before it leaves, then re assembled in your home.

Your steam room will take a little longer, as the room itself is manufactured off site, but then assembled in your home and then tiled, so allow around a week.

Your home sauna will only require a power supply, but a steam room will also need a water supply and a drain, but dont worry, we provide drawings and information for you to pass to your builder or architect, or directly to you if you are doing the work yourself.

Why not add a sauna to your home ?

Steam room

Tiled Steam Room


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