“Wellness” in the hotel sector, what does it mean and how do you get it?

Oct 18, 2018 | admin

The panel.

Always wanting to stay in tune with current trends mr sauna recently attended the “New Wellness Revolution” seminar at this years Independent Hotel exhibition at London Olympia.

The seminar was hosted by Liz Holmes of Commercial Spa Strategies, and the panel consisted of:

Beata Aleksandrovicz – Pure Massage Spa Training

Tara Moore – Spa manager of Galgorm Resort and Spa

John Walker – Director of Walker Simpson Architects.

Sarah Morris – Spa Manager 15 Great Pultney

The conversation revolved around the latest buzz word of “wellness” and what it actually means to the Hotel and Hotel Spa sector.

It was suggested that “putting a few scented candles around” would no longer suffice, and Wellness was definitely not a passing trend, and should be linked with the more understandable “Wellbeing”.

The panel decided that “Wellness” was not coming, but had arrived, and that society as a whole is moving away from material things and looking for more experiences, and sharing time together.

Wellness is now being coupled with diet, sleep and exercise and prevention is taking over from pampering.

From a design perspective it was suggested that people want to feel “at home” in a hotel, and the rise in popularity of Air B&B supports this fact by offering the experience of “home”.

Hotels should consider this from every aspect, design of course, but also in the way that staff relate with the customers and guests.

Wellness and Wellbeing is hard to measure, but the use of personal technology such as Fitbit allows guests to actually measure how good a nights sleep they may have had in your hotel !

Design is as important to those working in the hotel/spa as those visiting as guests, and its was suggested that spa’s are in danger of becoming “clones” of each other, and Wellness is about water, heat and touch, and not about how much the hotel has actually spent on the fit out.

The continuous training of staff which may include events for staff, sharing of knowledge and allowing staff members to use spa facilities for free, were all suggested as the way forward.



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