What is a Rasul ?

Jul 25, 2019 | admin

The Rasul or Serial Bath is an ancient bathing experience the origins of which can be traced back thousands of years.

The principal element of the Rasul mud treatment is the mineral mud itself, which although brightly coloured, is a natural product with many “drawing” qualities to remove toxins from the skin.

In the modern Rasul, the bather/s are usually either in pairs or foursomes (that s just the way the rooms are normally configured).

The whole experience usually lasts around forty five minutes, and the therapist will explain what will happen throughout the treatment, and where to apply the muds.

There are are usually four types of mud, each mud will have varying degrees of silica from virtually none at all, to a courser texture, ideal for ex-foliating skin on the arms, torso and legs.

The muds have varying degrees of texture, from creamy smooth to a courser texture.)

Its best to start with a shower, as the mud will be applied easier to moist skin. Once you have applied the mud (yes, you can help each other which is part of the fun).

Rasul Mud Treatment

in the heated “Thrones” while steam enters the room. Usually the lights will dim to create a restful atmosphere and the Rasul may be fitted with a twinkling “Startlight” effect in the ceiling.

If you cant reach all of the parts to apply mud, the therapist will usually assist.

As the treatment is coming to a close (Usually after around thirty minutes) the lights will brighten, and warm showers above each seat will come on automatically to wash away most of the mud from your skin. You will probably have to remove some residual mud in the showers provided.

As the Rasul treatment is very detoxifying, make sure that you drink lots of fluids after the treatment.




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