Why wear a hat in a sauna ????

Nov 25, 2016 | admin

5e7d96_5a00e4137bbd4f1ba7d48cf8d0ef9cc8mv2Wear a hat in a sauna I hear you say, is it not hot enough !!!

Well, our heads are exposed to the hottest temperatures in the sauna (as they are our highest point), so if you like your sauna really hot, you may need to protect it and also prevent from over heating.

There are specialist sauna hats which can be purchased on the many outlets of the internet, and are also supplied by some sauna companies when you purchase your sauna.

You wont often see anyone wearing a sauna hat in the UK, but they are quite popular in Germany and Austria where they possibly like their sauna temperatures to be a little more “extreme”.

Some sauna bathers also dip their hat in cold water for extra “coolability”.

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