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Dec 03, 2020 | admin

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Today is the first day of the (Virtual) World Sauna Form.

As we want everyone to enjoy the many benefits of #Sauna we thought it would be good to share a few of the comments/statements and facts that we have picked up from the early sessions.

Samu Haber -Entreprenuer

“The best thing about using a sauna is that the world stops”

“People are struggling to switch off from daily life, sauna gives them the opportunity to do that”

Mari Eder – Bi-Athlete Skiing

“We have seven saunas in the family home, it is my fathers hobby, Sauna strengthens the immune system, and there are reportedly 50% fewer deaths due to cardio problems if you visit the sauna three or four times a week”

Mari also commented “Sauna is probably the last place on Earth where you don’t take your phone”.

The sauna forum also stated that “Finland has been voted the happiest place on Earth for three years running” That has to be due in part to #Sauna !

Some further comments and observations from day two of the World Sauna Forum

Adrian Basil Guokelsberger – EOS Sauna

Sauna is now design led, you can sit on a basic chair, but why not sit on a beautiful designer chair, people now want excellent design of furniture quality”

He also commented:

In the sauna, everyone is equal, the peace and quiet allows you to re-focus”

A debate took place in the on-line forum regarding Infrared, and if it could be called a sauna, the overwhelming response being that it couldn’t, with most people prefering “Infrared Cabin” to avoid confusion with a conventional sauna.

Vanessa Borkmann – Head of Research @ Future Hotel

People in the digitized world are looking and longing for experiences from the natural world, nature, natural materials, outdoor experiences”

She also commented:

Augmented reality will play a part to support the impression that they are in a different environment such as a forest or desert”   

In a survey carried out by Vanessa on the desires of hotel guests found the following:

67% of people wanted a relaxation room or area with soft lighting

80% would like a private spa or sole use of spa facilities

69% were interested in an outdoor treatment in the garden or forest

64% wanted to learn more during their stay about a wellness related topic such as yoga or relaxation techniques.

There is a desire for “Curated” Wellness solutions i.e. they don’t want to experiment, but want information to be provided to them to allow them to get maximum benefit from whatever experience they are using.

Jasper Paakkonen – Actor and owner of the award winning Loyly sauna in Helsinki

For Finns, who are generally not religious, going to sauna is the equivalent of going to church, to cleanse the body and purify the spirit”

“In Finland, having a sauna in the home is the same as having a bathroom or kitchen, everyone has one”

“As a sauna operator, I would say that if you are thinking of opening a business that includes sauna, it all starts with a high quality product. Set the standards high as possible as people are now looking for the feeling of quality”

Sauna Drinks !

Most speakers questioned said that they drank water to keep hydrated, one said that drinking mineral water helped to replace lost minerals, and most said that they enjoyed a beer afterwards !

Some other helpful suggestions were water with lemon juice and a half teaspoon of Himalayan Rock Salt added was great for replacing lost salts and minerals.

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